Icebreakers 2018 Good Causes

Every year the Icebreakers Committee decide on the local good causes they are going to raise money for.

Since 1981 the group have raised money for a number of good causes; in 2013 we raised money for the ATC Squadran and The Allstars Football Team and in 2011 we chose The Pilgrims Hospice raising more than £3000 for such a worthy cause.



The Deal Icebreakers Trust is there to help good causes in Deal and Walmer throughout the year

The Icebreakers Trust have helped in a number of ways to ensure that people do not suffer in their hour of need.

In the past they have given money to elderly victims of muggings and burglary, provided meals to the homeless, paid for carpets for two old ladies that had to move into new accomodation as they were victims of abuse and theft by their own relatives.

The Trust are in conversation with the childrens part of Betteshanger Cricket Team as they need equipment and there is a young lady with cancer that may need help so watch this space....