Icebreakers 2016 Good Causes

Every year the Icebreakers Committee decide on the local good causes they are going to raise money for, we are in the process of deciding the causes for 2016.

Since 1981 the group have raised money for a number of good causes; in 2013 we raised money for the ATC Squadran and The Allstars Football Team and in 2011 we chose The Pilgrims Hospice raising more than £3000 for such a worthy cause.

Last years good causes were the Norman Wisdom Dementia Group which is run at The Deal Centre for the Retired and Talk It Out.

We are also planning to help the Salvation Army Food Bank with toiletries and we ask that you "bring a tin" of in date food or toiletries, so don't come to the dip empty handed and let us try and make someone's Christmas and New Year.

Talk It Out is a social group for people who suffer with depression and anxiety issues, based Deal, they meet once a week on a Thursday morning and evening.

They are not a professional healthcare group but they offer the chance for people with mental health issues to meet up with people who have similar problems and issues for a cup of tea and cake and the chance to talk and meet people in a friendly, non judgemental environment.

Since they set up the group in September 2011, they have had many members of the group who have become true friends with each other and the group members as a whole have a very close and sincere relationship with each other.

They occasionally hold events at the meetings such as Quizzes, Bingo, etc. and they also invite speakers to give talks and demonstrations on all subjects, but mostly they offer the chance for anybody with mental health issues to discuss problems/issues they may have.

They meet on a Thursday morning at 11.00am at The Cafe on the Green, The Strand, Walmer, and Thursday evening at 6.30pm at St Georges Church, High Street, Deal.

The Sir Norman Wisdom Dementia Day Group is held in the Norman Wisdon Suite in the Deal Centre for Retired, Park Street, Deal

The suite has recently been refurbished specifically to accomodate people with Dementia.

It is designed to replicate a reminiscence sitting room, with rummage drawers, fireplaces, a space for activities and a dining area also suitable for table games and craft activities.

The Day Group promotes a person-centred approach where individuals feel valued, accepted and an integral part of the community, The suite is very secure as it has locks with numerical keypads for entry

The Suite offers additional access to the main Centre and a sensory garden with scope for outdoor activities, seated area, potting bench and cold frame.